Take a journey that dazzles.

Where will your story take you next?

Our planning services are for travelers who’ve got better things to do than scour sketchy online reviews and stay on hold with the airlines for hours (even if that “something better to do” is just binge-watching the Bachelorette!).

That’s why we’re PROUD to offer high-touch service — we’re going to take the lead and hold your hand throughout every step of this process.

So you don’t just get an epic, record-book-busting escape— you get it all without having to stress about a single thing (can we get a “amen”?!).

Why don't you take a vacation...from planning your vacation?

here's an idea:

Plan Your Wedding

Craving a barefoot big day—where your toes sink into powder-soft sand as you walk down your sun-kissed isle against a backdrop of turquoise blue waters, and you shake and shimmy the night away with your best friends and family, fanned by balmy island breezes?

If you’re saying “yes, please!”—well, then, welcome! The Wanderlust planning experts are here to make your big day everything you’ve ever dreamed off—and easy-peasy to plan, to boot.

Destination Weddings

Check Off That Bucket List

Bucket List Travel

Need a little more abracadabra in your life? The kind of magic you only experience when you jet across an ocean (or two) to steep yourself in the sublime?

Let our Wanderlust experts magic up something special, just for you. Because we don’t just plan “bucket list” travel. Oh no. We plan imagination-defying, soul-stirring, can-you-believe-we-just-saw/tasted/touched that?! journeys. 

Let's Cruise

River Cruising

Forget those mega cruisers that pack you in like sardines and entertain you with wet t-shirt contests (um, no thank you). River cruises are elegant, intimate, and truly inspiring.

While every cruise line has its own vibe, you can expect upscale design details on board, gourmet dining with ingredients often sourced from the destinations you visit, and a high staff-to-guest ratio that results in stellar service.

Our Concierge Travel Planning Process

We build your itinerary around YOU — so first things first, we’d love to get to know you a bit! That’s why we kick things off with a free planning call, so we can go deep with our questions and get a clear picture of what’s on your wander list. And don’t be shy — this is your opportunity to get all
your questions answered, too!

Let's Start the Conversation

step one:

2. Crafting Your Itinerary.

Next, we’ll work with our exclusive travel partners to craft itinerary options that check all your boxes. We carefully vet the fine folks we work with, to ensure you’re getting the best of the best. The result? Your custom itinerary will be stuffed FULL of the sites and experiences guaranteed to light you up (including experiences you just can’t uncover on your own).

step TWO:

3. Complete Vacation Management

Once you choose (and we tweak, if needed) your ideal itinerary, you can go ahead and kick off your sneaks and relax. Vacation comes early ... as we handle all the planning details for you! This includes:

- Reserving your hotel, resort, and/or cruise cabin
- Securing your flights
- Arranging private transfers
- Booking excursions, VIP tours, and dining/event reservations
- Managing your travel loyalty programs

We’ll also monitor and share sales, to ensure you get the absolute best value for your money.

step THREE:

4. Check Off Your Wander List!

When departure day comes, you’ll be fully prepped and ready for your ab-so-lute-ly effortless adventure to unfold. How? For one, you’ll receive your day-by-day itinerary and travel documents via pdf and a special app, so you can access it on the go. And for another, you get to pack complete peace of mind, knowing the Wanderlust Travel team has your back. We’ll stay in touch with you to make sure your journey unfolds with ease, and you can reach out for assistance if you need it.

step FOUR:

Now That’s the Ticket

book my free planning call

Come one, come all—and come get your vacation of a lifetime. Step right up and reserve your complimentary planning call now, so our team of travel experts can make travel magic for you: