Meet Coco Gessler

I’m Nicole Gessler—but you can call me Coco. 

Technically speaking, I founded Wanderlust Travel Co. in 2013 … but this journey started many years ago (I won’t tell you exactly how many, as a lady never reveals her age ;) ) on my great grandfather’s farm in rural North Dakota.

And after 25 years in the corporate hotel and restaurant industry, I founded Wanderlust Travel Co. to show travelers that the only limit to your wanderlust is your own imagination.

Starting when I was four years old, my family—clearly unconcerned about child labor laws!—would ship me off to great granddad’s for a summer of pulling weeds and hauling water for cows (which the farm didn’t even have—he was just trying to keep me out of his hair!). 

You might not think that middle-of-nowhere N.D. was fertile ground for cultivating a wanderlust spirit … but I can thank my Gramps for that. He and I would sit around the fire each night, and when I’d climb into his lap he’d say,

 “Okay, Cocobean, tell me a story.”

And I would launch into an epic transcontinental tale about us trekking right up to Buckingham Palace on the backs of camels. 

The bigger, the more fantastical my story was, the more Gramps grinned. With patience and kindness—and, okay, the occasional eye-roll—he taught me to dream BIG travel dreams.  

I haven’t sat on the back of a camel at Buckingham Palace (yet!), but since those story time days I’ve basked in the most epic Fijian sunset, stargazed in East Africa, ate a life-changing avocado hacked right off the tree in Guatemala—and so much more.

Why I'm Passionate about Travel

Travel feeds the soul and creates memories you can always revisit!

My first "Wanderlust" experience

Seeing the Ocean for the first time when I was a child. Such an awe‐inspiring event for a young girl from North Dakota...

Why I Feel It's Important That People travel

Creating memories while learning culture and compassion.

If I had a Travel Spirit Animal...

It would be a Sea Turtle: they are wise old souls that are experts at adapting to new surroundings and experiences.





Chasing the Northern Lights in Iceland

Get lost in the souks in Marrakech and visit the “Blue City,” Chefchaouen in Morocco

Private yacht charter through St. Tropez and the French Riviera

Overwater bungalow in Tahiti

Top 5 Travel Bucket List


European Sojourn River Cruise – from Amsterdam to Budapest

We Make Life-Changing Travel Moments Happen

When you work with Wanderlust, your travel dreams drive every last detail—and my team’s industry connections and deep expertise get you the kind of experience that you simply can’t uncover on your own. So I encourage you to dream BIG, because you now have experts behind you who can make it happen.

Oh, and did I mention how EASY it all is? From itinerary creation to booking every travel component, we take care of it all.

So let your wanderlust roam—and leave the rest to us.

Those pictures you see on social media, those brochures you browse online? That's just the beginning of what's possible.

Where will your story take you next?

From tying the knot with your toes sunk deep into sun-warmed sand, to sailing past picture-book pretty castles and cliffs—we’re here to get you there.

I invite you to schedule your complimentary (yes, FREE!) planning call to get started, so we can make the impossible possible for you.

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